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10 Tips for Giving Your Website a Facelift


Businesses that care about their online presence are known to improve their website regularly through a redesign at least every year. They do it because their customers spend enough time online to realize that their favorite websites are always changing and improving, to stay fresh all the time. Not all websites need a redesign every year, and chances are yours doesn’t either. But no matter what your site is about, what you’re trying to sell or spread the word about, it must be up-to-date.

Now it’s simpler and cheaper than ever to improve your website because there are plenty of tools and experts out there ready to help you. And remember that giving your website a facelift is much more than merely improving the visuals.

  • Condense your website

It’s better to have 10 pages that are optimized than 50 that are not. Though web designers don’t always agree on what’s best for a website, they all do tend to advocate for smaller, optimized websites. So reducing the number of pages should be a priority. And don’t worry about losing content: you can always create downloadable documents from your spare pages, and publish them on your website.

  • Improve loading time

First, take down the unnecessary graphics and other useless crap that pops up and which nobody clicks willingly, but by mistake. Then consider moving to a superior hosting plan. If you already use cloud hosting, the transition will be much easier.

  • Create an attractive newsletter

To make people sign up for your newsletter – and so keep them up to date with what you’re doing – you need to often them something valuable in return. Depending on your type of website this may be unique content, promotional codes, downloadables, etc.

  • Reward loyal users/customers

If users are to return to your website regularly, they need a good reason for doing it. It’s easy to feature a special section on your website accessible only to your loyal users or customers, where they can access videos, images, podcasts, or any other specials you can think of that they may enjoy.

  • Resize logos and graphics

Browse the web for a while, visiting popular websites, and you’ll notice that most logos and graphics are minimalistic. Big logos are no longer in fashion because they seem to shout something. Small is better.

  • Allow users to do more things

If your website promotes a restaurant, then enable customers to book tables online. If you’re an online store, allow customers to pre-order items. Whatever website you have, you can give users more control. Do this and you’ll notice sales go up.

  • Change colors

To truly give your website a fresh look it may be necessary to change the color palette. Only a graphic designer may tell you what works best, but currently, the trend seems to on colors that are cool without being garish.

  • Get a Content Management System (CMS)

Static HTML has become somewhat outdated. A CMS lets you carry out updates on your website on your own, without having to rely on others to do it for you. This gives you more control and helps you save money in the long run, although a good CMS does require an initial investment worth up to a few thousand dollars.

  • Quote your customers

Not only adding quotes or testimonials lend you credibility, but it also makes your website seem more personal, which makes quite an impression on new visitors. It’s up to you how you get the quotes or testimonials, but it would be great if you could devote a whole section of your site to this.

  • Gather traffic metrics

Plenty of software and web services let you check how many visitors you get and from which search engines, which pages are most popular, and what usage patterns you visitors have (i.e., what they do after they land on your homepage). Knowing all these helps you plan any future developments to your website.

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