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Top 5 BlogSpot Themes for SEO

blogspot-logo BlogSpot by Google, also called Blogger, is the most popular blog platform and blog-hosting service online. The big reason for this is that BlogSpot is free, but there are numerous other causes as well. For instance, BlogSpot is accessible, configurable, convenient, sophisticated and much more. BlogSpot is also extremely SEO friendly.

In other words, it doesn’t take a great deal of technical savvy to build a content-rich blog which scores well with Google and other popular search engines. In fact, it’s often as easy as selecting the right SEO-oriented BlogSpot theme. In order to help you do that, we’ve assembled our top five BlogSpot themes for maximum SEO.

1. 3-Column Minima


Never underestimate the power of simple. After all, effective SEO is all about getting to the point. This Minima implementation does that exceptionally well, and it expands on classic Minima by introducing the third column, which readers favor, and which maximizes precious screen real estate. Its simplicity also makes the template quite easy to customize, and it integrates with the Blogger design tools naturally.

2. Modified Mr. Moto


Nevertheless, sometimes three columns is simply too much. In that case, you just want the basic two-column layout, but many of the originals, such as those available on Blogger, aren’t SEO optimized. The Modified Mr. Moto template is, and it comes with a series of style sheets. This allows you to choose the style that works best for you blog, and it allows you to see changes made to the original.

3. MobileWeek


MobileWeek is one of the few BlogSpot templates that actually accentuate mobile browsing, but make no mistake: It’s a sophisticated, professional template. And it lets you build a blog that ranks well with the search engines but also looks amazing on any modern smartphone. With BlogSpot, you can even set it up so that posts from the core blog automatically redirect to this one or vice versa.

4. SEO Optimized by OGB


Perhaps you need something more compact, such as a BlogSpot template that serves Web surfers as well as mobile surfers and boasts a three-column layout. This is what this template by OGB provides. And like the three-column Minima listed earlier, it’s so simplistic in its design that it automatically works with Blogger’s built-in design tools.

5. Revolution Church


Lastly, we give you Revolution Church, which is a sophisticated magazine-style template that accentuates SEO optimization for both Web and mobile browsing. It also includes all of the modern gadgets that blog authors and readers want. The Revolution series of templates are originally WordPress templates that have since been converted to BlogSpot. We’ve chosen Church because it’s our favorite, but any of the Revolution series will do just fine.

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