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List of Best iOS 5 features: Lets Drill Down

iOS 5 is refreshingly new and outstandingly unique and as expected, it has got some new features to make it look different from its previous versions. Though not all of the features are drastically different, some of them got serious makeover and which is why you have the latest version of iOS in the form of iOS 5. Most of these changes have been due for long and so a welcome addition to iOS. Let’s check some of the unique features of iOS 5, and you will be in for a surprise.



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This was one important and long awaited feature. iMessage is the new built in messenger app can be used only among iOS devices worldwide. This essentially is the Apple’s answer to the Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Unlike Blackberry you don’t need to add contacts by exchanging BB Pin, using the name or number of the recipient (on iOS device) the message you send will automatically be converted to an imessage. Like BBM you can group chat with your buddies and see users type in real time.

Besides Text messaging you can send images, contact details, videos instantly from any iDevices like iPad, iPhone etc. There are options to track your message thanks to the addition of delivery receipts. And the best part, you can start off the communication from where you have left off.

Notification Center:


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It is annoying to get notification while you are at having some fun with any of the idevices. Now with iOS 5, this nagging feature has got a much-needed makeover. With the new notification center, irritation will take a back seat as notification will only appear at the top of the screen and that too causing much trouble with what you are doing. Notification center will store almost anything from new emails to friend requests, from texts to updates etc in one single place. So, you would not have to open multiple windows to see different notifications, since now you can see them all under one single roof.



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Reading a perfect treat with iPad, iPhone or almost with all idevices. And it is quite common for users to get subscribed for different magazines and newspapers apps. Previously you need to browse to different apps individually. This was really inconvenient and annoying. But with the new Newsstand, you will have all the app subscriptions in one single place. Just go straight to Newsstand folder and there you will find all the newspaper and magazine apps. It also comes equipped with alerts for new issues which is definitely a new addition without a single iota of doubt.



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A cold shudder is sure to go down your spine if you suddenly feel that you have forget your anniversary. Nothing could save you skin but if you are equipped with the news iOS 5, you can find a way out even in this desperate time. Next time whenever you feel that there is something you should not forget unless and until the world comes to an end and with Reminders, you can simplify things a little bit more. However, Reminders is not just about making you aware of the important dates and events, it is more than that. It is location based and that means, you will get location based alerts. And the best part, it works seamlessly with iCloud, Outlook and iCal.



We all have a thing or two for tweeting and in iOS , tweeting has got a  new dimension. It is fairly easy to tweet from iPad, iPhone or even with iPod touch. You can add location in your tweets and this is extremely easy to tweet while on the move.



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In iOS5, camera app can be accessed right from the Lock screen so that means, you will always be ready for those unexpected moments and be ready to capture them into screen. Some of its cool features are single-tap focus, pinch-to-zoom gestures, grid lines etc.



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If you hate adds and pop ups while reading an article, iOS 5 has got the perfect solution for you. All you need to do is to use Safari Reader and you will have an add-free interface. It is also easy to switch between multiple webpages and you can even keep track of them thanks to its tabbed browsing feature.

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  • Now that iOS 5 is out, battery drain is a serious problem, especially with the iPhone 4S. They’ll be bringing iOS 5.0.1 update to fix it how ever.
    Nice write up by the way.

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