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Attract Comments With These 20 Blog Post Types

blog-posts 80% of blogs that are posted don’t get any comments. Do you want your blog to be part of the remaining 20% that do get comments? Write posts on the 20 blog post types listed here.

Freebie Posts

Who doesn’t want to know about something that you’re giving away for free? Posts about giveaways and prize-backed competitions where the winner is randomly picked out from the comments rule the roost. Want more traffic? Make the prize bigger and better.

Promote Reader Posts

Everyone loves a bit of free exposure. Allow your readers a chance to promote themselves through your post and share their lives and experiences online. You’ll find your readers multiplying and the comments flowing.

List Posts

Well researched, well written list posts that provide useful information on different topics relevant to your niche will always get you many comments and links. This sort of list is easy to digest and forward, which makes them go viral, bringing you the loyal fan following you want.

Rant Posts

Have an opinion you’re bursting to share? Just about had it with everything and ready to rant? Use your blog as the right opportunity to express your strong opinions in your niche area. If you don’t agree with something, go ahead and spill your guts. The stronger your rants, the more comments your post will garner.

Reader Promoted Posts

Some posts are generated and promoted with the help of readers. These posts get more comments than other posts. Since you won’t be promoting your post all by yourself, your readers (in this case your co-authors) will actively talk about it and tell everyone.

Post Series

Post series work similar to a TV series. You just have to catch the next episode to see how the story turns. Post series allow you to break up a topic into shorter bits, which helps you to better explain your point of view. Post series keep the readers engaged, commenting, waiting for the next post and discussing amongst themselves.

How To Posts

Everyone loves a detailed, step by step guideline on how to do things. This can range from how to create organic compost at home; to how to make your own LED display. How To posts work like short guides that people can easily digest and try to follow.

Blog Carnival Posts

Set up a group writing project and allow your readers to post articles on their blogs and place a link to it on yours. Append the link with an excerpt on the participant reader’s entry. Anyone visiting your blog will be able to access all the posts within the blog carnival. This generates traffic for multiple blogs, while keeping your blog in the core of the action.

Motivational Posts

Write about the things that have inspired you in your life, and what motivated you to achieve success. Your stories can be personal, and the more you open up the more you’ll be seen as a real person. The emotional appeal of such motivational and inspirational posts is much appreciated by readers.

Funny Posts

This one is always a winner. Who doesn’t like a laugh? If you can post funny bits, humorous incidents from real life and throw in some evocative caricatures as well, you’ll be inundated with comments.

Detailed Posts

High quality, in depth posts that cover your subject matter in miniscule detail help establish your credibility in your chosen niche. These posts become resource treasures for your readers, who will return to refer to the information you provide again and again.

Creative Posts

Write a creative post, covering something that the average reader has not heard of before. Spice up your post with illustrations and examples to make it more interesting.

Question The Reader Posts

Write a short post citing an incident or a real time blog statistic or something similar. Follow this up with a related question. Make the question easy, to enable readers to answer. For example, write a story about how someone got rich in a year and ask how the reader would do it if given a chance.

Interview Posts

Interview top people in your niche and post the interviews on your blog. Readers love to read how successful minds work; this kind of post always gets its due credit.

Latest Happenings Posts

Write about what’s happening in your niche as of now. Discuss how Google’s latest algorithms are affecting your blog. Talk about trends that are happening in your industry. You’ll get more than your share of comments.

Secrets Revealed Posts

Reveal a secret – something about your industry that perhaps your readers did not know. This can be a little dicey though; don’t get into a litigious situation. As long as you stick to the facts and leak out some things on your post, you can increase your comment traffic.

Controversial Posts

Start a hot debate and let your readers take it up for you. All you have to do is write a piece about what you think – for example, why you think Google Instant is a threat to SEO tricks. Your readers will argue themselves out and you’ll have a nice lot of comments.

True Life Posts

Share experiences from your life. Share touching, moving moments of your life that have taught you something. Share that lesson with your users.

Review Posts

Depending on your blog niche, write reviews on relevant items such as products, movies, music, latest technological advancements and so on. Before buying a product or watching a movie, people search for a good review first. Your review should be insightful and fair, while allowing readers to express their opinion.

Hypothetical Posts

People like to hypothese idly at times, even on subjects that have absolutely no chance of happening. Start a discussion on a hypothetical subject such as the potential merger between Yahoo and Google. You’ll find many readers eagerly contributing what they think will happen!

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