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Gadgets That Will Keep You Organized

Time to get your life organized - use these cool little gadgets to help you get started!

Admit it – you’re not the most organized person in the world, but who really is? Well, lots of people, actually, but it’s harder for some of us to stay organized than it is others. If you’re one of the many who struggle keeping your life in order, check out these great gadgets that are made just for you!

Receipt Scanner

receipt-scannerAre you constantly shuffling through piles of receipts to find the one piece of financial information you’re looking for, only to find that you actually threw away the only one that you need? Put all of that disorganization behind you, and purchase a receipt scanner.

For as little as $150, you can buy one tiny device that connects directly to your computer that will scan your receipts and store and organize them right on your laptop or desktop. Once the receipt is digitized, you can throw the paper away and avoid the pile of old receipts. Every piece of information you need from that receipt will be stored in your computer. It’s up to you to determine how to organize the information that you put into it, so find a system that works for you.

You’ll feel a huge sense of relief once you have everything digitized and kept track of!

Recipe Apps

recipe-appThink about how many pieces of paper you have that contain your family’s secret recipes. Imagine losing one of those. It’s unheard of to lose track of something like that, so why not go the same route as your receipts and digitize all of your wonderful family recipes?

There are tons of apps on the market for both smart phones and tablets that let you manually input your recipes and store them in a digital cookbook that you’ve created. You can also search the app’s database of recipes to find new favorites.

You can ditch the little tin box with all the beat up pieces of paper that currently hold your recipes. Go digital in your kitchen and download a recipe app now.

Power Mat

How many fun pieces of technology do you or your whole family own? You each have a cell phone probably, maybe an iPod, maybe a tablet…think about all of those chargers and cords that are laying around everywhere in your house, and each one only charges one device?

Eliminate all of those cords with one easy to use power mat. For about $50, a simple power mat is capable of charging any and all mobile devices. Simple lay it down on a flat surface, plug it in and place your device on top of it to charge. It’s as easy as that.

Label Maker

On the lower end of the tech scale is of course the classic label maker, and what person looking to get organized doesn’t need one of these?

If you have things packed in boxes or documents thrown in folders, a label maker can be a quick and easy way to label each thing to keep track of its contents. You can label any and everything to make your life super easy to keep track of and even easier to keep organized.

High-Tech Trash Can


Let’s face it, every household has a lot of garbage to throw away on a daily basis, and even trash cans haven’t been left behind in the technology era. Now there are garbage cans out there that have sensors on their lids so you don’t even have to touch it to throw away your trash.

You could even consider an advanced trash compactor, one that automatically detects when it is getting full and starts its process of compacting your trash. You’ll save space, plastic from garbage bags and time by investing in one of these – but be ready, they’ll likely run you up over $500. Just think of all the good you’ll be doing for your home and the environment, though, by using less trash bags!

Smart Home


A smart home is a quick and easy way to keep track of what’s going on in your home even when you are away. Now, from a smart phone or an Internet location, you can control everything in your home if you’re subscribed to a smart home service. You can adjust temperature settings, turn lights on and off and even open and close garage doors.

This is a great way to stay organized back at home even when you’re on the road. You have total control right at your fingertips no matter where you are. Plus, it’s a handy tool for when you’re away on vacation and you don’t want anyone to know you’re away from your home for an extended period of time.

Usually a smart home is part of a subscription service that can be linked with your electricity or cable/phone bill, so prices will vary. But the apps to control the home once you’re subscribed are usually free.

“To-Do” Apps


Use your smart phone or tablet to help keep you organized. There are tons of apps out there, like Evernote, Remember the Milk and TeuxDeux, that are in existence for the sole purpose of helping you keep track of what tasks you have to accomplish in a day and remind you of important dates or meetings coming up in the near future.

You can log anything you want in these apps, make lists (these apps are perfect for grocery lists), set reminders and most importantly, stay organized! The best part of organizational apps is that they’re always with you for quick reference anywhere you go, so you’ll never lose track of what you need to get done in a day!

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  • Great write-up, thanks for sharing. I went through about 4 rolls of tape for my label maker before I realized my eagerness to label everything was going to cost a fortune. As for to-do apps, I’ve gone through several of those. Now I use LifeTopix because it is an all-in-one app. Because it lets me keep track of everything (not just my to-do’s), it saves me a ton of time. I also use Evernote for storing notes in the cloud.

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