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Guide to Google SiteLinks For Your Website

Everyone whose site is ranking on Google wants sitelinks to come with their site. These links are generated automatically by Google; you just need to follow some rules to get them. So let see what all we need to do to make Google award you with Google SiteLinks.

What Are Google Sitelinks?

These are the automatically generated links by Google Algorithm. They appear below your main site url coming on Google search result page. Sitelinks are the links of other important pages of your site. Google create them to make search better for its users. Also it provides a direct link or shortcut to other valuable pages of the website.

The owner of the site does not have any control over sitelinks, Google Algorithm randomly choose the links which he considers to be valuable. But in webmaster central account a webmaster can block the pages coming as the sitelinks of their site. Maximum numbers of sitelinks shown for a site are 6.

For E.G. below is the Sitelinks Shown for Snakebytez:

Advantages of Having Google SiteLinks of Your Website

The first and the most important advantage is increase in traffic to your site from Google search engine and eventually it increases your site Click Through Rate (CTR) also.
Another advantage of having sitelinks is increased authority of your site on Google. As Google provide sitelinks to valuable and authoritative sites only. It’s like a indication from Google of your site being a good site. And above all it gives you a good feeling seeing your blog being awarded with Sitelinks by Google.

Things to do to Get Google Site Links for Your Website

There is no official announcement made by Google in order to achieve Sitelinks. On the basis of analysis the assumptions has been made, that Sitelinks are based on the performance history of the site in Google records.

Following measures should be taken in order to get Site Links for your website from Google.

  1. Good Quality Backlinks: Major factor responsible in getting good Google ranking is good quality backlinks. Quantity as well as quality of the links both matters. Try to establish your brand name via backlinks.
  2. Maximum Number of Indexed Pages: Pages indexed with the name of your site matters to Google. Try to get references of your site from valuable sites.
  3. Domain Age Matters: This is one of the main factors in generating your website Sitelinks. Older the domain the chances of getting Sitelinks increases.
  4. No.1 Google Ranking: Get the top rank for your website for the search term you want to generate the Sitelinks for, and only that you ranking should be consistent for 1st position.
  5. Good Site Navigation: Site want have Sitelinks should have well-structured navigational links.
  6. Optimized Site: Properly optimize your site. Add keyword rich Meta tags, add anchor text to the navigational links.

Follow these tips and try to get Sitelinks for your websites from Google.

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