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Home Security Technology has Come a Long Way


Do you remember when the home security alarm was all the rage? You had about thirty seconds from the time you got the front door open to key in a code and if it didn’t get keyed in correctly (or at all), a siren went off that could wake up hearing impaired people living miles away? Those days are pretty much over. Thanks to companies like Vivint (and those like them); home security is now solidly a futuristic endeavor.


Only a few years ago, video surveillance consisted of some very obvious cameras and a screen kept in the home. You had to sit at the monitor to see what was going on in and around your home. Vivint has made that technology obsolete. With their system you mount cameras and sensors anywhere you want both inside and outside of the home. The sensors are wireless and send signals and feeds wirelessly to you, wherever you are. You can use a computer or your smart phone (yep, there’s an app for that) to log in and see, in real time, what is happening in your home. If one of the sensors is triggered, an alert is sent to your phone immediately so that you can check things out and either set off the alarm in your home remotely, call the police, etc.


You’ve had the technology to unlock your car doors from fifty feet away for years. Now, thanks to advancements in home security, the same technology is available for the doors and windows of your home. Push a button and your front door unlocks. No more fumbling for your house key while you juggle groceries, kids, pets, or shiver in the cold. Push a button and you can lock everything back up tight from inside or outside of your home.

Electricity and Temperature control

Another issue in home security that many people don’t think about is their appliances. Leaving the oven on is a classic example of a way to endanger your home while you are away (or asleep). Forgetting to turn off the gas is another. Now you can automate those things as well. You can regulate the temperature of your house from an app on your phone. The same is true of your lights and any other appliances you might worry about (the oven, etc). If you’re worried you left something on, check in and turn it off remotely. Or, go for the set up that knows when you are home and when you are out—that system will automatically turn off everything when you are out so that you don’t have to worry about it.

There are so many advancements being made every day to make your house safer than it has ever been before. Now you can automate everything from burglarproofing your house to ensuring that the lights go off when you leave a room. The future is a really great place to live.

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