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Useful Mobile Apps for Frequent Travelers


Today, there are more mobile applications for frequent travellers than there have ever been. This has to do with the ever increasing volume of travel and hence, a growing demand for apps offering convenience in a variety of ways. So, if you’ve joined the ranks of those who want to travel comfortably, what types of applications to check?

Roaming charges

We all aim for the lowest roaming charges, right? If you are one of the many who do, the so-called WhatsApp is a very good choice. All you have to do to make it work is put your phone on wifi mode, disabling the lte network  or mobile network when you are abroad. You can only contact people who have this application installed on their phones. The application works with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia.

Travel arrangements on the go

Of course, WhatsApp takes care of just one aspect of your travels. Multitasking is what makes the mobile app Kayak quite handy. It allows the user to search for and book flights, make hotel reservations, create travel routes, track flights, and make calls. It works with BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android.

MyAloqa is another application that helps you plan it all. This app lets you know where in the vicinity there are restaurants, gas stations, movies, friends, and other stuff you are interested in.

Then, there is the app TripCase, allowing you to manage and organize your flight-related reservations. Through this app, you can receive e-mail notifications about delays, baggage claim, flight cancellations, gate changes, and what not. There are other apps like this on the market, but this one offers the extra advantage of flight status alerts and listings for alternate flights with seats that are free. It works offline as well. It is free and works with the platforms iTunes, Android, and BlackBerry.

Currency conversion and expenses

Taking care of travel arrangements is as important as knowing how much you will end up paying for it all. The XE Currency App is a very handy currency converter and very easy to use. It works with Android and keeps you up to date on the latest exchange rates.

For the more thoughtful of us, the app Expensify assists in reminding you how much money you spent when abroad and what on. It allows you to take a look at all your expenses and receipts. This is especially handy for business travelers who have to present invoices.

Cabs and restaurants

You’ve arranged all travel details and have a currency converter. Are there apps out there to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable? The app Taxi Magic, for example, lets you find and book cabs in all major cities in the United States. It is connected to taxi dispatch computers and tracks the arrival of the cab, charges the trip to a credit card, and issues a receipt. On the downside, it does not work offline, cannot be upgraded, and there is nothing you can do if the promised taxi fails to show up. The app works with iTunes, Android, and BlackBerry.

OpenTable is a very convenient app for travelers who are particular about what and where they eat. It lets you book seats at a restaurant and search by cuisine, average price, customer reviews, and more. OpenTable is equipped with GPS, traces your location and finds available seats in restaurants near you at a specific point in time. The app incorporates tens of thousands of restaurants in the U.S., Canada, England, and Ireland. On the downside, it does not work offline, cannot be upgraded, and can only search by one neighborhood at a time.

Exchanging contact information

Finally, the app Bump lets you exchange contact information with other people. You no longer need to hang on to business cards that you picked up God knows where – all you have to do is exchange info by knocking your hands with the other person while holding your phones. Naturally, they need to have Bump on their phone too.

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