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OLX Campaign out on TV: How to Get Started in OLX



I just stumbled upon a free online classified ads site named as OLX. Based on the site, it is an international internet company that is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and New York. The website provides free classified ads generated by users and it caters to the urban communities.

What is good about this site is it can be visited in 90 languages so it can be used by various nationalities. However, if I did not accidentally stumble on their site, I would never have known about OLX. Other free classified ads tend to be more popular than OLX. Since I personally do not know about the site, then other people may also not be familiar with it as I can consider myself an internet savvy.

To my surprise, OLX has TV campaigns. This may be due to the fact that they need their consumer base or increase the traffic to their site to have more buyers and seller on their site. The online TV ads were first aired in 2011 in various counties such as India, Portugal, Pakistan and Africa. The 2011 TV campaign in India actually drove more traffic to the site and became so popular for the people in the country. Because of this, they also launched a TV campaign in Pakistan and Portugal that yielded the same results in increasing the number of people who visit the site. What is good about their TV campaigns is they are funny, which really catches the attention of many. In fact, they have this advertisement wherein an old man has his old treadmill sold in OLX. Another interesting ad is the two sons deciding to sell the old desktop of their dad and had it sold in OLX.

OLX is not just an avenue to sell your items for good prices, but also is a good avenue for buyers who are searching for cheap, but competitive products. In OLX, you can access the ads in your phone; post your ads on social networking sites like Facebook; edit your My OLX Profile settings and post pictures and videos with your ads to attract more consumers, and all these are for free.

If you are looking for a free site to meet your buying and selling needs, you can visit OLX . Shopping and selling becomes, easy, quick and fun in OLX.

How to Get Started in OLX

If you need to buy something online, visit their page. The page will allow you to search items from a list of categories or you can just type what you are looking for in the search tab. What’s good in it is that it has specific locations so you can find what you need in areas closest you. Once you find the item you need, you can leave a comment on the item page or even contact the seller personally.

In OLX, it makes shopping and selling in just a click of your fingertips. Plus, you even get items for cheaper prices.

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