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Taking Advantage of Viral Opportunities When Marketing Your Brand Online

When you market or advertise your business online, what is your biggest goal? If you reply with “gaining customers/followers”, then you are definitely in search of a chance at going viral. The internet is a highly concentrated meeting place that is teeming with millions of individuals at any given time; they are all looking to communicate, gain knowledge, entertain themselves, or search for a particular business or establishment. It is highly likely that you will fall into several of these categories. By interacting with the cyber world and tapping into the free (yet highly rewarding) land of social networking, you can multiply your chances of finding new customers and followers.

What Does “Going Viral” Actually Mean?

I’m sure you are very familiar with viruses, and how they can spread rapidly from person to person while also being excruciatingly hard to stop. This is exactly how viral marketing or viral media works. When several individuals love then share what you post on your site, blog, or other profiles, it is then being exposed to their entire social realm (friends). A few shares can get you a few hundred new views easily, raising the chances of those individuals sharing it also. When this becomes widespread among many people and seems unstoppable, it has then gone viral. This is incredibly powerful for ANY business!

Brand Marketing With Social Media: The Number One Place for Viral Media


Social media has quickly become the most widely accessed type of site on the internet; and many websites have already incorporated their own form of social networking into their site, or have integrated the widgets of other social sites (such as a Stumble button, Facebook Like button, Facebook Connect, Google +1, and many more). These actions have launched a complete makeover of the internet, with nearly every site under the influence of social networking. This type of power is nearly unrivaled; and the best part is, it’s all free! By using social media sites and incorporating their widgets into your business website and blog, your business stands a much better chance of going viral.

Toll Free Numbers with Social Media

If you happen to have any toll free numbers associated with your business, you should ensure that every individual who may be exposed to your content can see it quickly and easily across social media accounts. 0800 numbers can help to funnel all individuals exposed to your business into a single preferred method of communication. The trust for these phone numbers can prompt them to contact your business; not only is direct contact a great benefit, but using business numbers as a main source of communication can be much easier on your business.

The Underrated Power of Blogging

Many have already taken note that blogging platforms have become hybrids; not only are they blogging platforms, but they incorporate many social features. They also integrate other popular social networking sites, so that it is incredibly easy for the users of those networks to share and spread blogs that they read or enjoy. Blogging platforms offer a much more customizable profile and site, making it easier for you to place emphasis on particular calls to action. You can use blogs to share news, sales information, events, videos, tips and tricks, basic knowledge, how to’s, and much more. When you combine the social media and blogging accounts of your business for particular goals, you are raising your chances of appealing to new readers and customers.

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