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10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Dangerous Computer Viruses

Virus-Detected You’ve been there. You’re in the middle of an important assignment or an intriguing Skype conversation when the screen goes blank or starts to switch modes erratically. It’s frustrating exasperating and annoying. This is the inconvenience that dangerous computer viruses cause.dangerous computer viruses can cripple your productivity and earning potential and cause you to lose valuable data. There is so much at stake that it is important for PC owners to be on the lookout for ways to prevent them. Here are ten ways to protect yourself from dangerous computer viruses.


Purchase an Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software are designed to prevent virus attacks on your pc. There are many anti-virus softwares available that wil assist in detecting and resolving virus issues as the emerge. In order to determine the best anti-virus software it is important to visit the web sites of providers. Be on the lookout for those websites that offer knowledge of the latest viruses. Many of these web pages will also allow you to sign up for email updates on the latest PC threat. This is an easy and convenient way to keep abreast of the dangers that exist. When you are on the ball you are less likely to become a victim.

Download Free Anti-Virus Software

Free anti-virus software is a great inexpensive alternative. Free anti-virus software can be used in collaboration with the purchased anti virus software to ensure greater coverage.

Ensure That Your PC is Automatically Scanned Monthly

Automatic scans are extremely important in pc protection. You may find that manually selected scans are neglected due to the busy nature of daily life. Automatic scans are there to ‘pick up the slack’ so to speak.

Stay Away From Certain Sites

Some web sites are hazardous to the health of your PC; avoid them. Some anti-virus software and firewalls will help by putting up a red flag when such a page is visited. Once this signal is seen, navigate away from the page immediate. If the signal emerges before you actually visit the page, avoid the page.

Use a Firewall

Firewalls are important because they prevent sites from forcing applications on your system. This helps to keep some viruses at bay since this is a favorite route for viruses.

Scan Your PC Regularly

Regular scans help to mitigate the many and sporadic attacks that your system will face.

Scan Peripheral Devices Before Use

Some peripheral devices (thumb drives for example) should be scanned before they are used. This allows the system to detect and arrest viruses before they have attached themselves to the system. Many systems crash as a result of a virus from a thumb drive.

Email Control

Ignore and delete emails from questionable sources. Many dangerous viruses are transferred through email. Often, it is the attachment of the email that carries the virus, and it launches into the system once it is opened or downloaded. A red flag should go up when emails arrive from unknown or strange contacts. Be wary of email from known contacts too, as sometimes a contact’s email account may be compromised and the virus is sent through these sources.

Store Backup Information on Permanent Removable Devices

This is one of the most secure plan Bs that can be implemented for PC protection. Since dangerous viruses are unavoidable even with the best efforts it is key that back up is available. This means your data is protected by a back up storage device. These devices include CDs and external drives.

Back Up Information Regularly

This ensures that your latest data is virus-proofed.

These ten ways to protect yourself from dangerous computer viruses consist a fraction of what can be done to ensure PC ‘health’ in these modern times.

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