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New Security Features from Facebook

Facebook will be a launching some new security features in the coming days. You may be able to take the help of your friends if you are unable to access Facebook account and are locked out. According to the official release on the Security Page, you will be able to appoint three to five friends who will be designated as trusted friends. These friends will be sent special codes if you are locked out and are unable to access email as well.


Trusted Friends:facebook-trusted-friends

Currently what happens is that if you are unable to access the Facebook Account, you can reset your password which is delivered to your registered email address. Now what if your registered email account is also hacked or you have forgotten the passwords for that email account as well and you are unable to access it. This new feature will come to your rescue there. Security Codes will be sent to 3-5 trusted friends(which you select) and they will be able to pass them on to you. Now you can rely on your trusted friends to recover your password.

Trusted Apps:

Facebook has also announced that to increase the security in Facebook enabled applications, a new feature called App passwords is introduced. This allows you to set specific passwords for applications and will enable you to login to applications from Third parties with a distinct set of codes.


To enable, go to Account Settings > Security tab, and the “App Passwords” section.



“You can generate a password that you won’t need to remember, just enter it along with your email when logging into an application,” Facebook said.

These will be one time passwords that you can use for the first time only and gain access to the application using your Facebook login details.
The first feature will be pretty helpful for users while the second one may not be that popular.

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